Best Lunch Boxes for Men

best lunchbox for men

Construction workers cannot get by with just any lunch box or lunch cooler for work. You need to have a heavy-duty lunch box to stand up to the job site. You also need a lunch box with good insulation to keep your lunch cold and fresh throughout the day, especially in the hot sun. So throw out that paper sack, you are not a kid …

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Soap Bars for Mechanics and Construction Workers

best soap bar for men

Soap bars for men need to be able to clean dirt, grease and grim and everything under the sun. And, with soap becoming more popular for men, there are way too many to choose from. This can make choosing the best soap bar for men confusing. As men, we want to have our options simplified and think “just tell me the best bar of soap …

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Rebar Wire Tying Guns Buyer’s Guide

best rebar tier

If you’re considering manually tying rebar, you might want to reconsider. Instead, get a high-quality rebar tying tool to save you time, stress, and a lot of pain. Not to mention, an efficient cordless rebar tying tool will give you an edge over your competitors. So, to get started, you need the best rebar tier. There are professional rebar tiers that can last longer than a …

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Best Work Pants for Construction Workers

Best Men's Work Pants

When it comes to construction work, especially when you’re working outdoors, you need to have the best work pants. Let’s face it, construction work pants take a fair amount of abuse. Whether it’s from kneeling on concrete all day, grease from heavy machinery, or your pants getting caught in equipment, your work pants go through a lot. Don’t settle for a pair of construction work …

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Work Socks for Construction Workers

best work socks for construction workers

As a construction worker, you usually don’t worry about your work socks. That is, until your feet start to hurt because you didn’t choose the best pair of high-quality work socks you could get your hands on. Let’s face it, when you work hard all day and spend much of your time standing and walking, your socks usually take the brunt of the punishment. Socks …

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Hydraulic Crimping Tools: A Comprehensive Review

best hydraulic crimping tool

The market for hydraulic crimping tools is become more and more saturated every year. There are a lot of cheap knock-offs of some very good branding of hydraulic crimpers. We’ve provided this list as a solid overview of the best hydraulic crimping tools, everything from cheaper knock-offs (that still work well) to the name brand crimping tools you know and trust. Hydraulic Crimping Tools No …

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Quiet Air Compressors

Quietest air compressors

Of all the pieces of equipment, on all the job sites, in the entire world, you’d probably never pick air compressors to be the quietest. But finding a quiet air compressor that allows you to get your work done quickly and effectively while not shaking the neighbors out of their beds, is just a mouse click away. Every job site and project is different and …

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Henley: An Underrated Work T-Shirt

Best Henley Shirt for Work

When you think about the best type of shirt for work, you might not immediately think of the Henley T-shirt. However, the Henley is not just any plain old t-shirt, Henleys are the workhorse of the garment world. And with a wide breathable collar that doesn’t itch— it really doesn’t get any better than this shirt for work. The Henley is also versatile. It’s appropriate …

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