Best Steel Toe Work Shoes for Men

Best Work Shoe for Men (Steel Toe)

The best steel toe work shoes for men can vary tremendously depending on what job you work. One worker may prefer a steel toe shoe that’s tough, rigid, and durable, while another worker may prefer a more comfortable work shoe, one that’s softer with more flexibility. This is why finding the best steel toe shoes for work can be so difficult. But don’t worry, we’ve …

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Best Rebar Tying Guns and Rebar Tying Tools

best rebar tier

Getting started on your first rebar tying project as a professional contractor or construction worker? If you’re considering manually tying rebar, you might want to reconsider. Instead, get a high-quality rebar tier to save you time, stress, and a lot of pain. The learning curve for using a rebar tie gun is not terribly steep, and the demand is going to be intense out there. An …

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Powered Electric Wheelbarrows for Construction

best powered wheelbarrow

Whether you’re moving bags of concrete, soil, or even a generator, nothing beats having a powered electric wheelbarrow at the ready. Powered wheelbarrows give you the ability to move loads you’d otherwise need a truck or several men to move. However, unlike a truck, you can move powered wheelbarrows on almost any terrain and even through small, tight spaces. Good for residential construction and contractors …

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List of Tools for New Contractors and Construction Workers

best tools for construction contractors

In order to be successful on the job, contractors and construction workers are required to have the right tools; hence, this is why it’s important to come up with a list of tools if you’re just starting out as a new construction worker or contractor. Focusing on carpentry and general construction, there is a unique assortment of required and essential tools. Some are basic, some …

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Best Soil Compactors and Soil Tampers

best soil compactor

Compacting soil is not a glamorous job. Your client wants to see foundations being built, driveways being poured and courses of bricks stacking up, not some guy mashing the soil down. It has to be done before you can start, though. The sooner you finish the task of soil compaction, the sooner you can start with the rest of the project. For areas too small …

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Yeti and Carhartt Lunch Boxes for Work

yeti vs Carhartt lunch cooler

YETI and Carhartt are the most popular brands when it comes to lunch boxes and lunch coolers. A good rule of thumb when looking for a Yeti or a Carhartt lunch box is that Yeti is really expensive but will last you much longer and Carhartt is cheaper but not as durable. In fact, although Yeti has only been around 13 years, most Yeti products …

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Best Industrial Barrel Fans

best industrial barrel fans

Work inside a closed environment, such as a warehouse or big shop can be unbearable when the summer sun is beating down on the roof. Not only that, toxins can build up in stagnant air. In certain applications and indoor environments, OSHA requires a full turnover of air on a regular basis. To make conditions better and safer for workers, you need to bring the …

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