Best Safety Harnesses for Construction

best safety harness

Falls are the number one cause of injuries among construction workers, according to OSHA. Often, these falls are from great heights, resulting in serious injuries, broken limbs, brain injuries and even death. The solution: the best high quality safety harness you can buy. Workers frequently fall from scaffolding, roofs, platforms, stacks of lumber, rock piles or just about anything they might have climbed on. OSHA …

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Best Padlocks that Can’t Be Cut with Bolt Cutters

best bolt cutter proof padlocks

Theft and vandalism happen and the only thing that can prevent it is padlock that can’t be cut with bolt cutters. Let’s face it, all of us manual laborers have access to tools that can easily get past a standard Masterlock. Even some of these other “uncuttable” locks on the market we could get past. So, it’s time to look at the best uncuttable padlocks …

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9 Best Work Shoes for Men (Steel Toe)

Best Work Shoe for Men (Steel Toe)

The best work shoes for men can vary tremendously depending on what job you work. This is especially the case when looking for the best steel toe shoes for work. One worker may prefer a steel toe shoe that’s tough, rigid, and has a lot of durability, while another worker may prefer a more comfortable work shoe that’s softer with more flexibility. This is why …

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