Soap Bars for Mechanics and Construction Workers

best soap bar for men

Manly bar soaps have hit the market in a major way. Every time you go to the store you see at least a dozen new bar soaps for men. This can make choosing the best bar soap for men confusing. As men we sometimes just want to have our options simplified. Well, your bar soap selection problems are solved. We have reviewed all of the …

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Yeti vs. Carhartt Lunch Boxes

yeti vs Carhartt lunch cooler

YETI and Carhartt are the most popular brands when it comes to lunch boxes and lunch coolers. A good rule of thumb when looking for a Yeti or a Carhartt lunch box is that Yeti is really expensive but will last you much longer and Carhartt is cheaper but not as durable. In fact, although Yeti has only been around 13 years, most Yeti products …

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Best Hand Cleaner and Hand Soap for Workers

best hand soaps and hand cleaners for construction workers

When you work in construction you need the best hand cleaner and the best hand soaps you can get your, um, hands on… Working with dirty tools and machinery all day long means your hands are going to get messy. Your hands get greasy, grimy, and just flat out filthy sometimes. You need a hand soap that can remove things like resin, paint, tar, concrete …

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Best Jobsite Radios for Construction Workers

best jobsite radio for construction work

On construction jobsites across America, you usually hear the familiar sounds of hammering, sawing, drilling and chattering among the workers. But now, you’re likely to hear the stirring sounds of country, pop or rock music coming from jobsite radios. And let me tell you, these aren’t the jobsite radios of the past, these new jobsite radios blow them away. The best jobsite radios of today …

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