Powered Electric Wheelbarrows for Construction

Whether you’re moving bags of concrete, soil, or even a generator, nothing beats having a powered electric wheelbarrow at the ready. Powered wheelbarrows give you the ability to move loads you’d otherwise need a truck or several men to move.

However, unlike a truck, you can move powered wheelbarrows on almost any terrain and even through small, tight spaces. Good for residential construction and contractors alike, a powered electric wheelbarrow is sure to make your life on the job site much, much better.

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What to Look for When Buying a Powered Electric Wheelbarrow

Powered and electric wheelbarrows come in all different shapes and sizes. Some look like miniature tanks and some look like your standard everyday wheelbarrow, only with a motor. However, there are some things to consider comparing and contrasting the different types. Let’s explore some of these differences.

  • Engine – The two main types of engines are gas and electric powered engines. Gas is going to be a better bet out on the job site where accessing an electric outlet is not always feasible. It can also be impractical to wait for an electric powered wheelbarrow to charge. Also, with gas you’re generally going to get a lot more power out of the wheelbarrow.
  • Max load – There is a wide range in the loads that these wheelbarrows can carry. Smaller electric wheelbarrows can carry around 200 lbs. while larger, gas-powered wheelbarrows can carry 1000+ lbs.
  • Carrying capacity – Generally you’ll see this measured in cubic feet, with most wheelbarrows right around the 4 cu. ft. mark. Large capacity powered wheelbarrows will double that capacity, having around 8 cu. ft. of space. However, keep in mind the work you’re going to be using this wheelbarrow for and not only look at the cubic feet but also the dimensions of the wheelbarrow. See if the dimensions make sense for the work you’re going to perform.
  • Speed – Most of these wheelbarrows have variable speeds. If you need to move loads long distances you may want a wheelbarrow with a faster speed, of course keeping in mind the safety of personnel. Also, most wheelbarrows feature a reverse speed as well.
  • Dumping – Some wheelbarrows feature standard manual dumping while others offer a lever to help with dumping large loads. A few models offers hydraulic assistance for dumping, though these tend to be the largest capacity/load carrying models.
  • Tire/Track width – An important consideration is the terrain you’re going to be using the wheelbarrow on. Consider a tire and track width that is appropriate for this terrain. If you’re looking for an all-terrain style wheelbarrow go with one with tank-style treads or tracks. For residential use, a two-wheel wheelbarrow is better for maneuvering between tight spaces, however, you will lose some stability with this design.
  • Warranty – Depending on how the wheelbarrow is used the warranty can vary. If using for residential use the warranty is usually longer than commercial use. Keep this in mind when purchasing the wheelbarrow.

7 Best Powered Wheelbarrows for the Construction

1. YARDMAX YD8105 Track Barrow with Hydraulic Assist

best powered wheelbarrow for construction site

  • Huge 7.9 cu. ft. hopper
  • Zero turn radius
  • 7″ tracks
  • Hydraulic assist for dumping
  • Solid steel construction
  • 1,100 lb. load capacity
  • Powerful engine
  • All-terrain
  • Customer service lacking
  • Expensive

The YardMax YD8105 is an absolute powerhouse and built like a tank. This 563-pound powered wheelbarrow is capable of hauling 1,100 lbs. and is composed of solid steel throughout, making it strong and durable. With its tank-style treads it is great in all terrain and even has a zero turn radius so it can maneuver well, even for its size. This is great for moving large loads of dirt and great for clean-up when moving concrete and other chunks of debris.

It is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 6.5 hp 208 cc gas-powered motor that uses recoil start. It uses standard gasoline for power, so no need to worry about special blends. There are three forward speeds and there is one reverse speed. It shifts speeds by a gear selection lever that is simple and easy to use. Lower gears are generally recommended for larger load sizes and higher for smaller loads to move faster. There is also throttle control to move either fast or slow in each gear.

In addition to carrying 1,100 lbs. this powered barrow can also carry up to 7.9 cu. ft. It measures 37.5″ x 27″ x 18.5″ in the box. It also features a hydraulic assist to help with ease of dumping. And with its 7″ tracks and even balance, it is extremely stable when carrying large loads. The tracks also help distribute the weight so if you have to move across grass with a large load, it won’t tear up the ground so much.

It also comes with a 2-year residential warranty and a 90-day commercial warranty. However, YardMax has been known to have hit-or-miss customer service. So don’t expect them to be available during off hours.

All in all, the most rugged and durable powered barrow out on the market right now. Perfect for the job site and residential construction sites alike.

2. Dirty Hand Tools All Terrain Power Cart

best powered cart for job site

  • Good engine
  • Handles inclines well
  • Heavy duty
  • Wide tracks
  • All-terrain
  • Engineered and designed in the USA
  • Extendable warranty
  • No hydraulic dumping assist
  • Harder to turn when fully loaded
  • Assembly a bit of a pain

Designed and engineered in right here in the states in Colorado, the Dirty Hand Tools Power Cart is another rugged, powerful and versatile power cart that’s great for medium to heavy duty work. Like the YardMax it has an all-steel dump bin, however, it can only hold up to 660 lbs. (though rated for 700 lbs.), which is still a pretty large load (about 20-30 cinder blocks, depending on size/weight).

This wheelbarrow is powered by a 6.5 hp 196cc gas engine, nearly on par with the YardMax. The engine is made by the London Motor Company which is similar in build to a Toyota motor and is well-made. It has three forward speeds and a reverse option as well. It changes speed through gears and also has a neutral gear if you prefer to keep it idle while dumping and loading. There is also throttle control which can be adjusted between a low and high setting.

It has seven-inch wide tracks so the cart stays stable even when hauling big loads. The wide tracks also make it ideal for all terrains. With its powerful motor it can even go up fairly steep grades with heavy loads (up to 20 degrees). It steers easily by depressing the left or right steering lever and has a 3.8 foot turning radius. However, it does turn a bit more slowly when dealing with a full and heavy load.

The power cart hopper can hold up to 36”L x 24”W x 8” H of cargo. The contents of the hopper can easily be dumped by releasing the handle and dumping the load manually. The bin can be tilted up to 60 degrees for easy dumping. However, it does not have a hydraulic assist for dumping like the YardMax.

It is backed by a 2-year limited warranty by the manufacturer. However, you can get a 3-year warranty with no deductible through Amazon on the time of purchase. Assembly is required and does take some time.

All in all, the Dirty Hand Tools Power Cart is a powerful powered wheelbarrow, great to have at the ready for medium to heavy jobs. However, if you’re going to be moving cement and concrete debris all day, you’d be better off with the YardMax as this isn’t as heavy duty for that type of job. You could use it for this purpose if you reinforced the welding of the seams though. That said, it’s a great powered cart nonetheless.

3. DK2 Power Big Dump

best powered heavy duty dump cart
  • 1,100 pound capacity
  • All-terrain tires
  • Solid construction
  • Well-built Kohler engine
  • 6 hour runtime
  • Hydraulic dumping assist
  • 90 degree dumping
  • Good warranty
  • Pricey

The DK2 Power Big Dump is top-of-the-line when it comes to electric powered wheelbarrows. Not only is it built tough with its solid heavy-duty chassis, it’s also capable of hauling up to 1,100 pounds. This is an insane load for an electric powered wheelbarrow.

Powered by a Kohler 48-Volt 20AH 1000 watt battery (which comes included) this powered wheelbarrow is an absolute workhorse. It can carry loads from zero to three mph (max speed six mph) and runs for four to seven hours off of one charge. It only takes around five hours to charge up the battery too. The speed can also be controlled via a throttle on the wheelbarrow’s handles.

With dual front wheel drive and all-terrain tires, it’s great for any work environment. It even performs well in the mud and snow. The floating back wheels help keep your load steady when hauling over rough terrain as well.

The hopper on this wheelbarrow can hold up to 8 cu. ft (45 gal.) and is made of all steel construction. Dumping the hopper is easy with its hydraulic dumping assist. The bucket can even be tilted up to 90 degrees, much higher than most dump carts you’ll find on the market.

This wheelbarrow also comes with an extra all-steel 6 cu. ft. carry-all bucket as well. The buckets are designed for quick-change to ensure efficiency when you need to change out the hopper.

This powered wheelbarrow comes with a 3-year commercial warranty and DK2 has over 10,000 service centers.

This is definitely the best powered electric wheelbarrow on the market. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that has both the power and the features that this wheelbarrow has in the electric power class. While it does come at a steep price, you get what you pay for and then some.

4. Overland Heavy Duty Electric Powered Cart

best powered dump cart for concrete
  • Heavy duty
  • Great for concrete
  • Made in the USA
  • Zero turn radius
  • Comes in both 2WD and 4WD
  • Holds up to 750 lbs.
  • Pricey

The Electric Powered Cart by Overland is another excellent choice for medium to heavy duty loads. It is made in the USA in Archbold, Ohio and built tough with its welded heavy duty steel chassis. It is built for all-terrain use as well with its rugged dual 13″ flat-free tires.

The best feature of this cart is its dual ag tire which performs well on almost any terrain. It measures 33 inches spanning from tire edge to tire edge, offering unrivaled stability of this design type on rugged terrain.

The engine is powered by a 24-volt battery which offers six to eight hours of use on one charge (see how the company rated this here). It is a powerful wheelbarrow and capable of moving loads of up to 750 lbs. on a level surface. It can even move at speeds of over 3 mph. It’s also able to vary its speed with its simple and easy to use twist throttle.

The hopper has 8 cu. ft of capacity and is made of high density polyethylene. Although this is somewhat of a drawback since most other carts in its class have steel tubs, this does allow it to perform a bit more efficiently due to weight reduction. The other advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the tub being dented up like you would with steel.

One nice feature of this cart is its automatic wheel locking feature. As soon as you let off the throttle the cart stops and the wheels lock in place. This makes it extremely stable, especially when moving large loads.

The small wheels on the back of the cart allow you to rotate the cart 360 degrees with little to no effort on a flat surface. This is done through powerless operation, which helps save battery life as well. And there is a battery indicator to let you know how much juice you have left.

One nice feature for concrete workers is that you can mix concrete directly in the tub of this wheelbarrow. Afterward, you can easily move the concrete where you need it. Then, just as easily use the hydraulic assist to dump the concrete where you want it.

Overall, an extremely high quality and well-made product made right here in the USA. Also, they come fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of putting it together yourself like some of the other powered carts and powered wheelbarrows on the market.

This powered wheelbarrow also comes in a 4-wheel drive version as well with large dual ag tires on both the front and the back, for those working with more muddy, snowy or rugged terrain.

5. SuperHandy Ultra Duty Electric Powered Wheelbarrow Utility Cart

best electric wheelbarrow
  • Solid construction
  • Powerful battery
  • Intuitive thumb acceleration
  • Large 13″ tires
  • Holds 330 lbs.
  • Not necessarily all-terrain
  • Manual dumping

The SuperHandy Electric Powered Wheelbarrow is a great wheelbarrow for light to medium duty jobs. This is wheelbarrow is excellent for moving around bags of concrete or heavy tools. It’s also excellent for moving around a residential construction site due to the fact that it’s not super bulky, yet it still packs a lot of power. It also has a solid steel frame for added durability.

The motor runs off of a 180-watt 12V 7Ah lead acid battery (non-spillable) and is capable of moving a load of up to 330 lbs. It can travel at a max speed of up to 3.1 mph and has the ability to travel in reverse up to 2.2 mph. Both forward and reverse speeds are capable of being throttled via the thumb accelerator for variable speed.

The engine is powerful enough to handle a 12 degree incline even at full capacity. It’ll run for two to five hours on one single charge as well. It takes approx. four hours to charge up the battery. The battery does come included with the wheelbarrow.

It handles a load of up up to 4 cu. ft. and performs well on most terrain with the large 13″ tires. The company does call the tires “all-terrain” but they might not live up to their name. Considering they don’t have a ton of tread, you may experience some issues when working in heavy mud or snow.

Dumping is performed manually and fairly easy for most people. However, because of the heavy drive axle it’s not as easy to dump as a regular wheelbarrow, so don’t use that as your standard for comparison. One trick is to keep a bit of a lighter load to ease the strain you put on yourself if you’re using it for an extended period of time.

Overall, a solid and well-built powered wheelbarrow that performs well for most simple light to medium-duty jobs.

The Landworks Super Duty Electric Powered Wheelbarrow is pretty much the exact same wheelbarrow in blue. If you can get the Landworks at a lower price point go with it instead of the SuperHandy. There is no discernible difference between the two wheelbarrows except for the fact that they are made by two different manufacturers.

6. Landworks Super Duty Electric Powered Utility Cart

best electric utility cart
  • Good price
  • Can haul up to 1000 lbs.
  • Uses one or two batteries
  • 360 turn with small back wheel
  • All-terrain front wheels
  • Removable sides on hopper
  • Attachable cargo liner
  • Attachable snow plow
  • Only one battery included
  • Small back wheel not suitable for extremely rugged terrain

Although this is an electric cart and not a powered wheelbarrow, it is great for moving this around the work area or job site. Load up your tools, some bags of cement, and all of your other gear onto this cart and just push it over to the work area. It also comes in handy at a residential construction site for use with hauling lumber and other materials.

It’s capable of hauling up to 1000 lbs. and has a capacity of 6 cu. ft. It is powered by either one or two 48-volt lithium ion batteries, depending on how much power you need and what size loads you plan on moving. One battery provides 88.8Wh and two batteries provides 177.6Wh (only one battery included). It will operate for about two to five hours on one charge.

It can move at a little over 3 mph at max speed going forward and over 2 mph in reverse. The speed can also be varied using the throttle. This powered cart also capable of moving up inclines of up to 15 degrees.

The hopper is a coated powder steel frame which is rust-resistant. If you’re looking to extend the life of the frame or if you have items that may fall through the cracks of the frame, you can buy this tarp liner which fits perfectly into the frame. Made of industrial grade nylon it is built tough and attaches securely to the frame with metal snaps.

It has a lever for easy dumping and tilts approximately 70 degrees. The sides of the hopper also come off if you prefer to access cargo via the side of the cart. Just pull off the metal clips to release the sides and slide them back on when you’re done.

The wheels are 13″ with nice rugged, heavy duty treading. This tire can perform well on almost all terrains. However, the small back tire may make it slightly more difficult to use the cart on extremely rugged terrains. That said, the small tire makes it turn easily without the use of power and it can turn 360 degrees.

A basic powered cart with an affordable price tag, you get a lot of moving power for your money with this powered utility cart. You can also plow snow with it with this handy snow plow attachment.

7. Snapper Powered Utility Cart 

best powered utility cart
  • Affordable
  • Charges fast with quick charging system
  • Solid steel frame
  • Tractor hitch
  • Battery not included
  • Allows for multiple battery types (2Ah, 3Ah and 5Ah)
  • Not especially rugged
  • Long charging time without quick charge system

The Snapper Powered Utility Cart is a great cart for light to medium duty loads. It does not hold up against the other carts on this list in terms of a direct comparison since its application is much different than the other carts. That said, it does come in at a much lower price point. However, its usefulness is limited so there is a bit of a trade off here.

This powered wheelbarrow would mainly be used at residential construction sites where you needed to haul small boards, tools, or a few bags of concrete. It has a 3.7 cu. ft. cargo bed and can haul up to 220 lbs. It is built on a nice solid steel frame though the hopper is made of plastic.

A Briggs & Stratton 82-volt 2Ah lithium-ion battery powers the wheelbarrow and provides a run time of up to 3 hours. However, 3Ah and 5Ah batteries can be used interchangeably with this powered wheelbarrow for extended runtime. One major downside is that the battery can take up to 20 hours to charge. That can be remedied with the Rapid Charger by Briggs & Stratton which will lower the charge time down to 30 minutes.

There are two forward and two reverse speed options. It can either be put into slow or fast. It can move at a rate of up to 2.6 mph. It can also be hitched behind a tractor with its easy release hitch. The brake is operate view the foot and is mainly just used as a stop to keep the wheelbarrow from rolling.

The battery does not come included with the base model. However, there is another model available that includes both the battery and the rapid charging station.

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  1. what happened to the aluminum tub single wheeled barrow in the lead photo? These two wheeled jobs are not going to do slopes unless the path is straight up or straight down.

    • We looked high and low for that wheelbarrow and couldn’t find it. That wheelbarrow is a beast though. The closest that comes to it is the powered wheelbarrow that Northern Tool carries. They don’t usually have it in stock though (they only have one type of powered wheelbarrow in stock right now and it’s overpriced).

      • What the name of that wheel burrow so at least we can keep searching it until it pops up. Also what is the name of the powered one at northern tool that’s always out of stock?

        I found this. Makita makes one too, but its a $1000. $400 is still more than I want to pay for 330 pounds of support.

        • We couldn’t find that one (the one in the picture). The one at Northern Tools is no longer listed so we won’t be able to get you the item number. You can call them and they might be able to dig it up.

          The Makita powered wheelbarrow is nice, but agree it’s expensive. However, it shows only $600 as of now which isn’t THAT bad.


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