Hydraulic Hose Crimpers and Crimping Machines

Hydraulic hose crimping tools allow you to make industrial quality hose assemblies both easily and efficiently. The best hydraulic hose crimping tools should allow you to crimp fittings to the exact diameter reliably. A top-ranked hose crimper should be easy to operate and last for many years to come.

You want a hose crimper that will give you accurate crimps every time the crimper is used. The best hose crimping tools require little or no calibration and always give proper crimps.

In reality, though, it can be hard to find a crimper that workers perfectly every time. That’s why we created this “best-of” list, to solve that problem for you.

Whether you’re looking for a crimp straight hose crimper or one for bent-stem fittings, from low volume to high volume, from heavy duty hydraulic hose crimping machines to portable hydraulic hose crimpers, we tried to narrow down the field. And as always, be sure to choose a crimper that meets your specific needs.

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The Importance of Having a Quality Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Although hoses can cause many problems for a lot of different reasons, one reason hoses may not function properly is due to loose ends. This can cause leaks and leaks are incredibly dangerous. Not only could it cause skin burn and skin penetration, but it can also lead to fires and environmental hazards as well. So, it’s important to have properly connected ends.

This means assembling the ends correctly in the first place. One way to do this is with a high quality hydraulic crimping tool. Another is to check your dies. Dies can wear over time and cause problems. And, as should be common sense, be sure to thoroughly inspect any hoses your are working with. See more the dangers and fixes for hose leaks the OSM Safety Manual.

The Need for a Hydraulic Hose Crimper

It’s a common issue with many consumer goods: manufacturers create products and then create accessories that only fit their products. That’s how we ended up with micro USB ports and cords for Android phones and lightning connections for iPhones. Many other products have the same issue, like cordless power tools and their lithium batteries that won’t fit other brands.

It’s an issue with hydraulic hose crimpers as well. Some of them are dedicated only to the type of die the manufacturer produces. Our list contains some hydraulic crimpers that work with only one brand of die, but most have a set of dies or have a different way of making the crimp to accommodate different types of dies and connectors.

This best-of list will also consist of two main sections. The first section is the 3 best hydraulic crimping machines and then the second is the 10 best portable hydraulic crimping tools. We wanted to be able to cover shop guys as well as those doing field work, so we got the best of both hydraulic crimping worlds.

If this is new territory for you, there is a section detailing what to look for in a hydraulic hose crimper at the end of this article. So without further ado, bring on the hydraulic hose crimpers!

Looking for a hydraulic wire crimping tool? See this article.

Top 13 Best Hydraulic Hose Crimpers

3 Best Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machines (Heavy Duty Hose Crimpers):

1. Eaton Electrical FT1380-115-8 Bench Hydraulic Hose Crimper – Best Hydraulic Crimping Machine

best industrial hose crimper

Best Feature: Crimps hoses as large as 2 inches in diameter

  • High volume
  • Industrial grade
  • Accepts large hoses
  • 10 tons of crimping power
  • Doesn’t require mounting
  • Electronic controls
  • Price

If hydraulic hose crimpers were professional boxers, the Eaton Hydraulic Hose Crimper would be the undefeated heavyweight champ. This is a serious, industrial-grade hydraulic hose crimper that takes on all comers and never gets hit in the chops.

Thanks to some brand new innovations, the FT1380 can now crimp hydraulic hose assemblies up to two inches in diameter (-32 braided, -32 four-spiral and -32 six-spiral). No other hose crimpers on our list can match those mammoth dimensions.

This machine has electronic controls, and you can program up to 10 presets for consistent crimps every time. While some crimpers have to use spacers and shims to get the proper die placement, it’s automatic with the FT1380. It comes with die cages for the most popular hose sizes. Crimping power maxes out at 10 tons, so there is no way a crimp will be insufficient, crooked or misaligned coming out of this machine.

Although it’s recommended (naturally) that you use Eaton brand hoses, you are not limited to that brand. Shut-off after the crimp is made is controlled by the setting, so there’s no way to under-crimp or over-crimp a fitting. When you think that this machine is made to accept some pretty hefty hoses, like hoses for truck brakes, someone’s life could depend on the success of the crimp, so that says a lot.

This is a stand-alone machine, requiring no table or bench to mount to. And you’ll have to keep it in one place, as it weighs over 230 pounds. It runs on standard house current, but a word to the wise: it probably would be best to use this on a dedicated circuit.

Overall, one of the best hydraulic hose crimpers on the market, if you can get your hands on it. It’s rare to find this hose crimper, so if you do find it in stock, snatch it up.

2. A&I Products Portable Hydraulic Hose Crimper

best hydraulic hose crimper

Best Feature: Fits multiple applications

  • Fits all brands of fittings
  • Portable (team lift)
  • 10,000 PSI Pump
  • 60-ton capacity
  • High level of versatility
  • None

You may think it looks like a giant Duracell battery riding a rollator. But that’s where you’re wrong, cupcake. This is A&I Products’ soon-to-be-sorta famous D160SP hydraulic hose crimper, rolling onto the scene with some bold claims, but with enough cash in the bank to back up the check.

This 60-ton masher has the capacity to crimp up to one-inch 6-wire hose and has the portability to be carried to almost any location where service is required. To be truly portable, a tool has to be lightweight, and to be a truly useful tool, it needs to have the power and durability to do the job on a daily basis for a long time. The D160SP has both of those elements covered.

It features high strength aluminum flanges and a tubular steel frame to make it as light as possible. Still, it does weigh 106 pounds, so when we say portable, we probably should state it as “portable with team-carry”. The weight is necessary for strength and for crunching power.

The D160SP is one of the more versatile hose crimpers on our list. A removable pusher and inverted die position make accurate fitting positioning easy. It’s crucial that the crimps are consistently accurate, so A & I has implemented a microsite indicator that assures accuracy and crimps that match one another all day long. 

Micrometer style adjustment permits crimping on a wide variety of hose and fittings without the need for special shims or spacers. You’d be hard-pressed to find a brand of fitting or connector that this model can’t work on.

This unit can be set on the ground or the floor and base mounting holes allow it to be bench or truck mounted if desired. 

The D160SP comes with the pneumatic Valpower 10,000 PSI pump, which provides the power to do all this impressive crimping. A hand pump is also available at an additional charge.

3. Parker-Hannifin Hydraulic Hose Crimp Machine

best hydraulic hose crimp

Best Feature: Lightweight, portable

  • 10,000 PSI pump
  • Portable (weight: 80 lbs)
  • Consistent crimps
  • Only uses Parker-Hannafin hoses & fittings

There’s a saying that goes around in construction circles, and it goes like this: “Done is better than good.” While you might feel that way after a long shift, it’s not a saying that you want to be identified with. You want done AND good. This Parker-Hannifin Hydraulic hose crimp machine can definitely help get you there. 

This model is part of the company’s patented Parkrimp System, which has enjoyed some pretty wide acceptance because of its ease of use and accuracy. The system reliably crimps fittings to the proper diameter, so that users don’t have to waste time dialing variable settings. You probably don’t need to be told that the more a user has to make adjustments to the machine, the more likely that he’ll make a mistake and end up with a sub-standard crimp. 

Users bring the hose to be crimped in from the bottom and push it up until the fitting is nested perfectly in the die. This has proven to be a very ergonomically positive method of performing the task. It’s easy, the repetitive motions are very low stress (they’re like throwing a ball underhand rather than overhand) and it’s much easier for the user to handle long stretches of hose.

From a maintenance standpoint, a real plus is the fact that this machine does not require calibration. The crimper ships with a set of decals that provides hose and fitting combinations, the tools that will be needed and the crimp specifications.

This unit works only with the Parker Hannafin 43 Series hoses and fittings. That may be seen by some as a drawback, but no matter what you’re currently using, switching to the Parkrimp system will probably be an upgrade.

The crimper applies 10,000 PSI to the crimp, dependably, every time.

If you’re new to hydraulic hose crimpers, check out this handy guide by Parker Hannifin for making a hydraulic hose assembly.

10 Best Portable Hydraulic Hose Crimping Tools

These hydraulic hose crimping tools are best for light duty work and some professional work. If you don’t need to crimp hoses full-time, these hydraulic crimpers should work best for you.

1. Kohstar AG-7842B Hand Operated Hydraulic Hose Crimping Tool – Best Portable Hydraulic Hose Crimper

best hose crimper

Best Feature: Comes with seven die sets

  • Use with seven different size hoses, included bead locking fittings
  • Hydraulic hose and pump are separable
  • Versatility
  • Price
  • Hand operated

Moving on now to the manually operated crimpers, this one comes with seven different die sets for different size hoses. It’s activated by depressing the handle that’s hinged at the back like a grease gun.

It ships with seven die sets for hose sizes: #6 (5/16″ Reduced Barrier), #8 (13/32″), #8 (13/32″ Reduced Barrier ), #10 (1/2″), #10 (1/2″ Reduced Barrier), #12 (5/8″), #12 (5/8″ Reduced Barrier).

An interesting feature of this crimper is that the hydraulic line can be separated from the pump so that the press fixture could be used with a different pump. This is perfect for air conditioning hoses. 

This is truly a take-anywhere device, but you nevertheless have to hold it still when using it. For that reason, they made the AG-7842B to be easily mounted to a bench or table using the holding fixture or you can just squeeze it with a sturdy vice. (But don’t overdo!) 

The dies of this handy crusher can be snapped quickly into the press fixture without using pins or set screws. That’s a real time-saver – one that will be appreciated when the shift’s end is calling your name and you’re not quite finished. This model can be used with bead locking fittings as found on many pneumatic hoses and air conditioning system hoses.

It’s made with heavy duty steel throughout. The tool connections thread snugly and the dies move in and out with ease.

With all these features and a high level of versatility, this crimper easily ranks as the best hose crimper in the portable category.

2. CGoldenwall 71500 Hydraulic Hose Crimper

best manual hose crimper

Best Feature: Durable carrying case with compartments for dies

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Carrying case
  • None

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a die. Having a set of dies that can fit a bunch of different hose fittings is nice, until you misplace one or more. That can quickly transform your sophisticated hydraulic crimper into a funky-looking hammer or paperweight.

This CGoldenwall hydraulic hose crimper comes with a rugged plastic carrying case with compartments for the crimper handle, the press fixture and seven dies of various sizes. If you lose one with all that going for you, then you’d have no one to blame but yourself.

With this crimper, which uses CGoldenwall’s patented “Hydra-Krimp” technique, you can crimp barbed and beaded hose fittings in hose sizes #8, #10, and #12 and reduced barrier sizes of #6, #8, #10 and #12. The dies snap into place without pins or set screws.

The press fixture tightens onto the hose with ease, while the user pumps the handle until the crimp is all the way down. Releasing the hose takes a quick flip of a valve lever, and you’re ready for the next one.

Excellent crimper and easily one of the best portable hydraulic hose crimpers on the market.

3. CGoldenwall 8T Hydraulic Hose Crimper

best hydraulic hose crimping tool

Best Feature: Eight tons of power

  • Eight tons of crimping power
  • Multiple Dies
  • Lightweight
  • Handheld
  • Ergonomic
  • None

Did you notice the “8T” in the header? That means this hand-held crimper has eight tons of crushing power. That’s enough for iron and aluminum joints, and just about anything you put in its jaws.

It’s primarily marketed for automotive air conditioning hose builds and repairs, but this crimper comes with a set of seven dies, for hose sizes 6SRB, 6-8SRB, 10SRB, 8, 10 and 12. In addition to these sizes, you can select different crimp patterns. With eight tons of pressure going for you, you can rest assured that the crimps will still be secure long after the hose has breathed its last.

You can do normal crimps as well as beadlocking fittings, which can be tricky to do consistently. It’s truly a one-handed operation, once the fittings are set inside the press fixture. Changing out dies takes mere seconds, involving removing a pin, placing the die in the jaws, putting the pin back in and squeezing the handle to “arm” the crimper for the next task.

It’s ergonomically designed, meaning the grip points are perfectly positioned for the human hand to operate the device. While that might sound “Yeah, so what?”, ask the guy who’s done hundreds, maybe even a thousand-plus crimps during a work shift how his hand feels when it’s quitting time. If he’s used this crimper, his hand is going to be OK.

Some hydraulic crimpers leak sometimes, even the good ones. DGoldenwall’s seals prevent oil leaks as well as any other crimpers on our list. Elsewhere, the crimper is built of heavy gauge steel, but it still weighs less than seven pounds.

Like the other CGoldenwall crimper on the list, this ships with a durable carrying case with pockets for all the dies and components. They snap in place with a reassuring “pop,” so you know they’re not going to work their way loose.

4. MXBaoheng SD-7842B Handheld Hydraulic Hose Crimping Tool

best handheld crimping tool

Best Feature: Solid construction

  • Heavy steel construction
  • Eight tons of press power
  • Ships with seven dies
  • Press fixture separates from pump
  • Affordable
  • A bit heavy

Being able to separate the components of a tool for storage is usually a plus, but if the connection points start to break down, then the tool gets to where it’s hard to assemble properly, and that becomes a minus and the tool is discarded well before its time. You won’t have to worry about the MMXBaoheng hose crimper. The threads are solid and durable, the parts that snap together do so with a resounding click and the whole thing just feels good in your hand.

It’s a powerful tool, with eight tons of pressing power using a pump handle that is custom-designed to fit the human hand. It ships with seven sets of dies, and the dies are made from hardened steel to provide proper, consistent crimps every time. The cylinder is double-sealed to resist leaks.

Changing dies is like so many of the other hydraulic crimpers: pull a pin, insert the die, form the press pattern and replace the pin.

The dies include (all sizes expressed in fractions of an inch):

  • 6SRB, for pipe size 5/16.
  • 6-8SRB, for pipe sizes 5/16 (thick) and 13/32 (thin).
  • 10SRB, for pipe size 1/2.
  • 12SRB, for pipe size 5/8.
  • 8, for pipe size 13/32
  • 10, for pipe size 1/2
  • 12, for pipe size 5/8

This isn’t exactly a lightweight tool at 22 pounds, but that should bear testimony to how heavy duty it is. The press fixture detaches from the pump for storage, or for use with a different pump.

5. Newtry FS-7842 Hose Crimper

best hose crimp
  • Low cost
  • Portable
  • One-handed operation
  • Durability unproven

Best Feature: Budget-friendly

Yeah, it’s portable. Wherever your hand can go, this can go. This is a relatively low-cost, easy to use crimp tool from the Newtry Company, a new kid on the block that also makes hydraulic cutters, hydraulic hole punchers, meters, food machines and jewelry tools.

This hose crimper is great for DIYers and occasional users, but the jury is still out on whether this can be counted on for rugged shift work, day after day, week after week. If your line of work doesn’t require a heavy duty crimp tool, this would probably serve you quite well.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t any durable components to the tool – there are. It ships with seven sets of dies made from superalloys. The dies fit hose fitting sizes 6SRB, 8SRB, 10SRB, 12SRB, 6, 8, 10 and 12 and pipe sizes 5/16, 3/32 (thick wall), 1/2, 5/8, 5/16 (thick wall) and 13/32.

The dies snap in and out of the press fixture with ease, requiring only the removal of a pin (that’s attached by a chain so that you don’t lose it), snapping in the die until it’s firmly seated, replacing the pin and squeezing the pump handle to open the valve.

The pump valve is no-leak, thanks to new technology within the pump core. Actually using the crimper is legitimately a one-hand show once the die is in place and ready to rock ‘n roll. The oil cylinder generates four tons of pressure – not as much as some of the other crimpers on our list – but plenty of push power for a variety of fitting sizes and materials.

One of the best hose crimpers for those looking for something portable and affordable.

6. Mophorn Separable Hydraulic Hose Crimper

best portable hose crimper

Best Feature: Hydra-Krimp Press System

  • Good price to value
  • Hyrda-Krimp press system enables it to work on a variety of fittings
  • Affordable
  • None

First a word about the name – Mophorn. Mophorn is not a manufacturer, but an importer/distributor of a variety of products for home, automotive and scientific applications. This hose crimper is made by CGoldenwall, which has placed a couple of other hydraulic hose crimpers, and reflects their commitment to value, like the other products.

Truthfully, this is not a professional tool that will last forever. It is, however, a good tool, and a dependable tool that will serve the occasional user well. The best thing this crimper has going for it is CGoldenwall’s patented Hydra-Krimp system, which allows it to adapt to pretty much any type of fitting that you’re liable to encounter in the field.

The kit includes the basic seven dies, and they snap into place easily. The press fixture detaches from the pump and can be used with other systems, as seen with several of the other crimpers on our list. And while we’ve already stated that this is not a super-strong professional crimper, it’s not a wimp either, and stamper hardness can reach up to 53 HRC (Hardness on the Rockwell scale C.)

It’s made of aluminum but still manages to tip the scale at 23 pounds. It’s easy to use in the field, but it can be bolted to a table or workbench for stationary use. If you don’t want to do that, you can set it in a vise and tighten the jaws for a tight (but not overly tight) fit.

7. Mophorn Hose Crimper with Foot Pump

best hydraulic hose crimper with foot pump

Best Features: Versatility, price

  • Can be used with foot pedal or bench-mounted.
  • Press fixture removes for storage or for use with another system.
  • Excellent value.
  • None

This is primarily a foot-operated hose crimp machine, but the press fixture can be removed from the pump and be used by a different system as the need arises. It’s not a monster tool that can take a lot of use and abuse, but it holds its own pretty well.

The kit includes six sets of dies for all the popular size and fitting combinations, and the dies are pretty sturdy, with a maximum hardness rating of 53 HRC. 

It’s pretty simple to use. Simply set the pump on the ground, insert the hose and fitting into the press fixture and push down on the foot pedal for a crimp that is solid and consistent with any other crimps you might have done that day. If you don’t care using the foot pedal, you can mount this unit on a table or workbench via four bolt holes in the corner of the base. Then, it’s just a matter of pushing down on the pedal with the heel of your hand.

The fitting on the crimper are solid, with strong threads on the connectors and snug-fitting rubber seals to prevent oil leaks, even under intense pressure.

All-in-all for the weekend warrior, or for the contractor who doesn’t need a hose crimper very often, this is a great value. If you do a lot of hose crimps, you probably need to pony up a little more cash for a heavier unit.

8. Tinsay Hydraulic Hose Crimper 71500

best automotive hydraulic hose crimper

Best Feature: Lightweight

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • High quality build
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Mainly for automotive repair

Easy to use, easy to tote and easy on the budget, this hydraulic hose crimper is a great choice for light-duty use.

It comes with #6, #8, #10, #12 and reduced barrier versions of those sizes, and it can handle barbed or beaded fittings. The dies snap into the press fixture without pin-pulling and “hold this while standing on one foot” loading techniques.

If you’re an “a place for everything and everything in its place” sort of person, you’ll like the sturdy plastic carrying case that it comes with. It has molded compartments for each item in the kit.

As far as the business end of this tool goes, it’s up to the task. It’s made of high quality aluminum, which renders strength without excess weight. A few pumps of the handle is all it takes to complete a crimp, and you don’t have to guess when the crimp is all the way down. The valve will close once the crimp is complete.

9. HolidayLife 1500 Hydraulic Hose Crimper

best hose crimping tool
  • Lightweight
  • Good for field or shop use
  • Ergonomic
  • Carrying case
  • Low cost
  • Unknown brand

Best Feature: Hydra-Krimp press system

HolidayLife is not a manufacturer but an importer/distributor of a number of products for the home and workplace. Shipping takes place out of the company’s USA-based warehouses. This hose crimper is actually made by DGoldenwall, featuring their patented Hydra-Krimp press system. 

Inside the plastic carrying case you’ll find the crimper and pump assembly plus seven dies for the most popular hose sizes. Where the Hydra-Krimp system really shines is in its ability to seamlessly convert from barbed or beaded fittings with a quick change of the die. You don’t have any pins to pull, and no complicated twists of the die to snap it into place in the press fixture.

Like many of the other manual crimpers, this model shuts down the valve once the crimp is complete, eliminating guesswork and ensuring that one crimp is just the same as the one before it.

10. ACTECMax Hand Held Hydraulic Hose Crimper

best handheld hose crimping tool

Best Feature: Portability

  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Not for professional use

ACTEC is primarily known for compressors and related accessories, but they also sell hand held hydraulics, like this crimping tool. While this is clearly not a professional tool, it will hold up under normal usage, and the results are indistinguishable from those of a pro.

It ships with seven die sets for all the popular hose fittings. The dies are easy to change out, and fit into the press fixture so that you can’t get it wrong. The included color-coded die sets include:

  • Black Die Holder #6(5/16″ Reduced Barrier)
  • Purple Die Holder #6(5/16″)&(13/32″ #8 Reduced Barrier)
  • Orange Die Holder #10(1/2″ Reduced Barrier)
  • Blue Die Holder #12(5/8″ Reduced Barrier)
  • Green Die Holder #12(5/8″)
  • Yellow Die Holder #10(1/2″)
  • Red Die Holder #8(13/32″)

Using this crimper is easy, and carrying it around is even easier, as it weighs less than 15 pounds.

For this low of a price, this represents a good value for light to medium-duty use. It’s not a tool for day-long, everyday use, but for DIYers, it’s well worth the investment.

What to Look for in the Best Hydraulic Hose Crimper

If you do a lot of hose fabrication, chances are it’s just one size, or no more than three sizes. It would seem that getting a hose crimper with seven die sets would be a waste, but here’s the thing: they pretty much ALL come with seven die sets for the most popular sizes. In fact, there’s hardly a size that’s not included. 

If you did find a hose crimper on the market that shipped with only a few die sets, chances are the size you need would be one of the ones they decided not to offer. So, bottom line, don’t worry about the number of dies in the kit. You wouldn’t save much, if any money with a less inclusive kit anyway.

Use the Force

Crimping force is something you do want to consider. And it’s not so much that the more powerful crimpers make a better crimp, but rather that they do so with much less stress to the user and the tool. The crimping action is over with sooner, saving wear and tear on man and machine alike.

How you insert the hose and fitting is also important, especially if you’re at it all shift long. Bench-mounted crimpers are a little easier to work with, but you have to be there. In other words, you can’t take it with you. Portable crimpers are great for taking to the work site, but carrying them around and using the handle over and over can get tiresome.

Hose Crimping Reliability

As with wire crimpers, it’s important to get predictable, satisfactory, consistent results every time. All the crimpers on our list can get you there. One brand’s crimp is no better than the other. The biggest question here is, how do you know when the crimp is done? The answer is: the crimper will let you know. Most of these crimpers simply “bottom out” when the crimp is completely done. The pump handle won’t pump anymore, and the piston has nowhere to go. More sophisticated crimpers have a pre-programmed stop point.

Look for crimpers that eliminate the possibility of human error. Most of the crimpers on our list have fail-safe technology in place that won’t allow the mis-insertion of dies or let the pump handle be depressed if something is misaligned. Still, human error is a force that cannot always be subdued. (Oh, you knew that already.)

Best Hydraulic Hose Crimper Brands

Finally, you probably noticed that there is a lot of crossover in design and features on these crimpers. In some cases, there’s a good reason for that; some brands are built by another manufacturer and labeled according to the seller. It’s kind of like a Ford Expedition versus a Lincoln Navigator. They’re “twin” cars with different names.

But as the so-called “twin” cars have differences in trim and chassis strength and options, so do hydraulic hose crimpers. They may have the same design, but the quality of the metal parts may differ from one brand to the other, as well as the hardness of the dies. The better crimpers are going to have harder dies.

A Final Word on Hose Crimping Tools

We usually end these articles with advice to read the reviews from people who have purchased the item previously, but there aren’t a whole lot of user reviews among the crimpers on our list. In such cases, if you have a question or concern, there’s a way to ask the manufacturer or seller. Do that, be patient and wait for an answer, and make your decision accordingly. Also, feel free to post any questions in the comments and we’ll try to answer them as quickly as possible.

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    • You’re probably not going to find a hose crimper with that much range for double-braided hose outside of something industrial like Parker Hannifin’s crimping system. Your best bet will be buying multiple crimpers. Check out JBTools’ crimper for your 3/8″ double-braided crimper.


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