The Best Sawzall (Reciprocating Saw) for the Money

best sawzall reciprocating saw

This is a review of the best sawzalls on the market this year. If you have to ask what a sawzall is, you probably don’t need one. If you don’t know that you sound way cooler if you call it a reciprocating saw, you probably don’t need one. But if you’re in construction, remodeling, plumbing, carpentry, electrical work or demolition work, you need the best …

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Best Walk Behind Concrete Saws

best walk behind cutting saw - flat saw

The best walk-behind concrete cutting saws while maximize your productivity and efficiency on the job. It’s no use buying a concrete cutting saw that takes twice as long to use just to have a few extra nickels to rub together at the end of the day. That said, it’s possible to find a decent concrete saw without breaking the bank. The best self-propelled concrete cutting …

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Best Jackhammers and Demolition Hammers for Construction

best jackhammer for construction

Busting through rock is no joke, no matter what the job is. It’s hard on your body, hard on your equipment, and a hard day of work, period. This is why it is of extreme importance to choose the best rock drill, jackhammer or demolition hammer when breaking through concrete or hard rock. Not only will the job get done in less time but it …

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Best Compaction Equipment: Soil Compactors and Soil Tampers

best soil compactor

Compacting soil is not a glamorous job. Your client wants to see foundations being built, driveways being poured and courses of bricks stacking up, not some guy mashing the soil down. It has to be done before you can start, though. The sooner you finish the task of soil compaction, the sooner you can start with the rest of the project. For areas too small …

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The Best Rebar Bending Machines and Rebar Cutters

best rebar benders and rebar cutters

If your company or crew does a lot of concrete work – particularly that which involves a lot of rebar work – you know how nerve-racking it can be when you have concrete deliveries coming in and you’re not ready for them. Rebar is not easy to work with, and you can’t rush the process. How do you fix this problem? Electric rebar benders. They …

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Best Powered Wheelbarrows and Electric Wheelbarrows

best powered wheelbarrow

Whether you’re moving bags of concrete, or even a generator, nothing beats having a powered wheelbarrow at the ready. Powered wheelbarrows give you the ability to move loads you’d otherwise need a truck or several men to move. However, unlike a truck, you can move powered wheelbarrows on almost any terrain and even through small spaces. Good for residential construction and contractors, a powered wheelbarrow …

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The Best Power Screeds

best power screed

Professionals like to leave their signature on a job well done – a perfect dovetail joint on a cabinet drawer, a streak-free stain on an oak mantel, a smooth-as-glass concrete driveway or a “stack of dimes” TIG weld on a steel frame that wouldn’t necessarily even be seen by the customer. When it comes to concrete finishing, often the last thing to touch the surface …

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The Best Grease Guns

best grease gun

Grease guns are amazing tools that were invented more than 100 years ago and still widely used in many industries including automotive, construction and agriculture. Even more surprising, the best grease guns on the market today still consist of mostly the same design using a connector, hose and pump. While modifications have made them much more complex, the basic function of the grease gun is …

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Best Fiber Cement Shears

best fiber cement cutting shears

Anyone who has ever worked with fiber cement knows how difficult it is to work with. This is especially the case when it comes to cutting fiber cement. Using various saws leaves you open to inhaling dangerous silica dust and it’s also difficult to get a precise cut. There’s also the additional noise level that comes from running a saw all day. This is eliminated …

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