9 Best Work Shoes for Construction Workers (Steel Toe)

Best Steel Toe Shoes for Workers

The best work shoes for construction can vary tremendously from worker to worker, especially when looking for the best steel toe shoes for work. One worker may prefer a tough and rigid work shoe while another may prefer a softer shoe with more flexibility. This is why finding the best steel toe work shoe can be so difficult. The Hard Hat Guy has combed over …

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Best Rebar Benders for Construction Work

Best Rebar Benders

The best rebar benders will save time and effort on the jobsite. A quality rebar bender will enable you to bend heavy steel bars quickly and efficiently. Ideally, the best rebar bender should also cater to a wide variety of metals or specific metals that you work with on a regular basis. Industrial-grade rebar benders on the market today have dramatically improved over the last …

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Best Impact Wrench for Construction Work

best impact wrench for construction

It doesn’t matter whether you’re tightening bolts or nut-busting, having the best impact wrench in your arsenal always improves efficiency. As a construction worker working with heavy equipment, performing regular maintenance, or working a major construction project, this is especially true. The only problem is choosing the right impact wrench that best suits the job you perform. Here you’ll find a range of options, including …

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Best Work T-Shirt: The Henley

Best Henley Shirt for Work

When you think about the best T-shirts for work, you might not immediately think of the Henley T-shirt. However, the Henley is not just any old t-shirt, Henleys are the workhorse of the garment world. And with a wide breathable collar that doesn’t itch—come on, it doesn’t get better than that for work t-shirts. The Henley is also versatile. It’s appropriate for a casual weekend …

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