Quiet Air Compressors

Quietest air compressors

Of all the pieces of equipment, on all the job sites, in the entire world, you’d probably never pick air compressors to be the quietest. But finding a quiet air compressor that allows you to get your work done quickly and effectively while not shaking the neighbors out of their beds, is just a mouse click away. Every job site and project is different and …

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Best Steel Toe Work Shoes for Men

Best Work Shoe for Men (Steel Toe)

The best steel toe work shoes for men can vary tremendously depending on what job you work. One worker may prefer a steel toe shoe that’s tough, rigid, and durable, while another worker may prefer a more comfortable work shoe, one that’s softer with more flexibility. This is why finding the best steel toe shoes for work can be so difficult. But don’t worry, we’ve …

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Best Lunch Boxes for Work

Best Lunch Boxes for Men - Work

Finding the best heavy duty lunch box for the jobsite should not be as difficult as the work you perform. The Hard Hat Guy made it simple by finding the best lunch boxes for construction workers, period. So, if you’re looking for the best lunch box for men, look no further.

Best Grease Guns for Construction

best grease gun

Grease guns are amazing tools that were invented more than 100 years ago and still widely used in many industries including automotive, construction, and agriculture. Even more surprising, the best grease guns on the market today still consist of mostly the same design using a connector, hose, and pump. While modifications have made them much more complex, the basic function of the grease gun is …

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Best Work Pants for Construction Workers

Best Men's Work Pants

When it comes to working construction, you need to have the best work pants. Let’s face it, construction work pants take a fair amount of abuse. Whether it’s from kneeling on concrete all day, grease from heavy machinery, or your pants getting caught on equipment, your work pants go through a lot. Don’t settle for a pair of construction work pants that will rip after …

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Best Power Screeds for Concrete Work

best power screed

When it comes to concrete finishing, often the last thing to touch the surface of the still-wet concrete is a power screed. In the hands of a skilled operator, a power screed can give you that done-by-a-professional look you desire while ensuring proper function and form. Even if you do only occasional concrete work, and even though there are cheaper, manual-use screeds available, you should …

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