Best Work Pants for Construction Workers

Best Men's Work Pants

When it comes to construction work, especially when you’re working outdoors, you need to have the best work pants. Let’s face it, construction work pants take a fair amount of abuse. Whether it’s from kneeling on concrete all day, grease from heavy machinery, or your pants getting caught in equipment, your work pants go through a lot. Don’t settle for a pair of construction work …

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Work Socks for Construction Workers

best work socks for construction workers

As a construction worker, you usually don’t worry about your work socks. That is, until your feet start to hurt because you didn’t choose the best pair of high-quality work socks you could get your hands on. Let’s face it, when you work hard all day and spend much of your time standing and walking, your socks usually take the brunt of the punishment. Socks …

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Henley: An Underrated Work T-Shirt

Best Henley Shirt for Work

When you think about the best type of shirt for work, you might not immediately think of the Henley T-shirt. However, the Henley is not just any plain old t-shirt, Henleys are the workhorse of the garment world. And with a wide breathable collar that doesn’t itch— it really doesn’t get any better than this shirt for work. The Henley is also versatile. It’s appropriate …

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Yeti vs. Carhartt Lunch Boxes

yeti vs Carhartt lunch cooler

YETI and Carhartt are the most popular brands when it comes to lunch boxes and lunch coolers. A good rule of thumb when looking for a Yeti or a Carhartt lunch box is that Yeti is really expensive but will last you much longer and Carhartt is cheaper but not as durable. In fact, although Yeti has only been around 13 years, most Yeti products …

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