Best Men’s Underwear for Work

As a worker, you know that finding a decent pair of underwear for the job site can be a challenge. Most underwear brands can leave you feeling constricted when trying to move around. Other times your undies feel too loose when you want them to feel more secure. Other times you’re sweating up a storm and your underwear is soaked in sweat. Then, there is the problem of wedgies, ride-ups, and your underwear falling down when you bend over (you know it’s true). In fact, a bad pair of underwear could turn an otherwise good workday into a very uncomfortable one at best. Likewise, a good pair of work underwear can make your workday.

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Choosing the Best Underwear for Work

Whether you’re working around the house, shooting some hoops with friends, or headed to work at the construction site, it’s important to wear comfortable underwear.

The best briefs, boxers, or boxer briefs should:

  • Absorb sweat and odor.
  • Prevent skin irritation and infection from constant movement.
  • Provide support and protection for the privates.
  • Offer ease of wear throughout the day.
  • Prevent wedgies and ride-ups for occurring.
  • Look good.

There are dozens of different underwear brands and styles available for every possible preference that fit this criteria. You’ll be sure to find the best underwear for the job no matter what type of work you do. So don’t worry, we got you covered (literally).

The Best Men’s Boxers for Work

While there are many free-fitting boxers available today, the brands listed here are a little more form-fitting to provide optimal security and eliminate problems with rubbing and chafing. Like briefs, boxers come in a wide variety of styles and materials for every taste and are so comfortable, they are the perfect sleepwear, as well.

Because of the looser fit, numerous studies have demonstrated that wearing boxers increases male fertility because the testes are kept cooler, so if you and your partner are trying to conceive, this might be the better choice for you. If you move around a lot on the job, a pair of boxers that fits a little more snugly with a generous front pouch can give you the feeling that you aren’t wearing anything at all.

Best Boxers for Working Men

1. FITEXTREME Mens Breathable Performance Stretch Boxer Briefs

best men's boxer briefs for work

The FitExtreme Performance Stretch Boxer Brief is designed to provide superior comfort where it matters most. In fact, the ergonomic design of these underwear is for eliminating wedgies and ride-ups. Furthermore, the 4-way stretch design ensures your package will never be squeezed too tight but yet you will always feel hugged. What this translates into–security and comfort.

The back of the underwear is seamless which is almost entirely responsible for ensuring you won’t have wedgies. And for those of you who have never worn seamless undies before, having no seams is extremely comfortable. In fact, a good pair of underwear should feel like they’re not even there. If you notice your underwear is there you are feeling some sort of discomfort. You might even feel seem now just sitting here reading this. These underwear eliminate that feeling.

These underwear always feature MaxCool technology which is designed for both moisture-wicking and excellent breathability. This is key on the job as you don’t want to feel sweat between your legs. At the end of the day, moisture build-up leads to discomfort, odor and even chaffing.

Also, you’ll look like a stud in these if you’re ever caught with your pants down with their “3D Glam Fit.” Trust us, these live up to that name.

2. Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Body Modal Boxer Briefs

best boxer briefs for work

There’s nothing wrong with wearing sophisticated boxers on the construction site. These Calvin Klein Briefs are nylon and elastane pull-on briefs that come in a wide variety of colors. They are designed to provide a close fit while offering a soft stretchy fabric that is cool and comfortable. The smooth waistband and satisfying contour pouch ensure that you look and feel great all throughout the work day.

3. UnderGents Men’s Boxer Brief Underwear

best working men's boxer briefs

The UnderGents are amazingly-soft boxer briefs that won’t compress you down there. This is crucial when it comes to working in briefs, you don’t want to feel like you are wearing biker shorts. You want security and comfort. These briefs offer both.

The “CloudSoft micro modal fabric” is moisture-wicking and keeps you cool, dry, and free of odor, even better than polyester or cotton. This brief is also designed with special panels that move with you and don’t “bunch” or pull. There’s also no tag so you don’t have to worry about your back itching all day.

4. David Archy Men’s 4 Pack Underwear MicroModal Trunks with Fly

most comfortable underwear for work

Made from spandex and micro modal fabric, the David Archy Boxers are soft and cool on the skin and include a breathable panel for ultimate comfort. The expansive pocket for privates allows a clean feeling all day. Numerous color options all provide seams and a waistband that will not pull or scratch.

5. Men’s Coolzone Boxer Briefs by Fruit of the Loom

best work undies

Designed by Fruit of the Loom, these moisture-wicking work undies are sure to keep you cool right where it matters most. Made of 94% cotton and 6% polyester, they provide a nice amount of breathability along with a fair amount of durability. While they won’t outlast some of the undies higher up on the list, they’re reasonably priced for a pair of work underwear and very comfortable.

These undies come in a pack of seven and there is an assortment of various color options. You can even just choose all black or all white if you prefer. We recommend all white work undies because it allows you to see how worn your undies are and this will help you indicate when you need to replace them before it’s too late. The size ranges from small to 5-XL but usually the larger sizes are sold out. So, if you wear extra large undies be sure to buy in bulk if you see them available.

6. Under Armour Men’s Charged Cotton® Stretch 6” Boxerjock® 3-Pack

underwear for working men

Under Armor’s Charged Cotton® Boxer feels like a regular cotton boxer but is more elastic and dries faster. The close fit doesn’t bind and there are no seams in the side or back. The working fly allows ease of access and the material easily wicks away sweat. Overall a nice solid boxer with great feeling material.

7. MyPakage Men’s Pro Boxer Brief

best boxers for work for men

MyPakage Pro Boxer Brief has a double-layer fabric of mesh panels and wicking polyester that meet in a single no-roll waistband. This boxer pulls wetness from the body to keep you dry. The 3D pouch offers both support and comfort for every day, all day wear. Superior stretching ability allows you to move in comfort and not have to worry about making frequent adjustments.

The Best Men’s Underwear for Work

The old standby for men and boys for generations, some guys would rather have the secure feel of briefs rather than the looser fit of some boxers. The old white brief standby has evolved over the years, however. It’s still an option, of course, but today’s briefs are stylish, colorful and have the latest in manufacturing design and fabric quality to ensure you are comfortable throughout the workday (and/or night). 

What are the best briefs for work?

  • Microfiber blends have the advantage of moisture-wicking capability and are quick-drying for maximum ease of use. Ideal for workers who work in hot and humid conditions.
  • Briefs will provide more support and more freedom for your legs throughout the work day. Ideal for workers who move around a lot.
  • Boxers will provide more overall freedom but less security. You will also sweat a lot more throughout the work day. Ideal for workers who have jobs where they tend to stay put.
  • Cotton briefs have been the gold standard for a long time. There is a reason for this, cotton breathes. However, they will not last as long and may not be as good at wicking away moisture under certain conditions.

The best work brief is also the most comfortable work brief. For some microfiber blends might feel too tight in the crotch. For others cotton underwear might be itchy. For some others, boxers might not be secure enough to allow for free movement. So, there is a lot of subjectivity built into looking for the best underwear for men, so keep this is mind.

Best Briefs for Working Men

1. Jockey® Supersoft Modal Brief

best men's work undies

Delivering mid-rise stretchy comfort in an ultra-soft MicroModal® fabric blend, the Jockey Supersoft Brief features a no-fly design with a wide elastic waistband. Staycool® technology wicks away moisture for a cool, dry feel. This brief is sure to keep you from sweating down there whether you’ve been welding all day, swinging a hammer, or driving a forklift.

2. Hanes Ultimate™ Men’s Full-Cut Pre-Shrunk Briefs (7-Pack)

best men's underwear for workers

The Hanes Ultimate should be in any workman’s brief drawer. Coming in a convenient seven-pack of traditional men’s briefs, the 100% cotton fabric is very soft and pre-shrunk to guarantee a good fit. The comfort waistband won’t pinch or bind, and the leg bands will stay in place. The latest in odor protection technology ensures that you will stay fresh all day in any working condition.

3. Amazon Essential Tag-Free Men’s Briefs (7-Pack)

best work briefs for men

Sometimes you just want a basic and affordable cotton underwear. Amazon’s own brand of underwear actually fits the bill quite well. These underwear are not only affordable, they’re also super comfortable for working in. With no tag and fine-tuned through customer surveys, these underwear are the best basic underwear for workers looking for no extra thrills.

Size is true and material stretches well, adding to the overall work comfort level. The fit is much like a classic style brief that you grew up wearing. Since they are cotton, there will be some shrinkage when washing in warm water. Wash in cold to prevent this and hang dry if you like the comfort level where it is at. Overall, great value for work underwear.

4. ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Briefs

best underwear for workers

One of the highest rated briefs of the bunch and specifically designed to keep you comfortable, cool and dry, the ExOfficio Brief supplies mesh construction for a cool fit and a Silvadur odor treatment finish made for extended wear. Sweat is no problem as the fabric wicks moisture away from the body. Sure to keep you chaffing throughout the work day.

Noteworthy Feature: The ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Briefs have Wash & Go technology which means you can wash them by hand in the sink, ring them out, roll them in a towel, and wear them again in 2-4 hours.

How Do I Save Money on Work Underwear?

Best Pair of Underwear for Penny Pinchers: Gildan Men’s Briefs Underwear Multipack

best affordable work underwear

This variety pack of underwear is a great choice for when you don’t want to pay a lot and you just can’t decide. Sometimes picking the best material underwear can be difficult and with these you don’t have to choose any particular material. Also, some days you just feel like wearing something a different and this gives you that option.

This underwear variety pack comes the following material types:

  • Solid Colored: 100% Cotton
  • Sport Grey Colored: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester
  • Dark Heather Colored: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

All of these underwear are moisture-wicking and super-soft. They also come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from small to XX-large as well. One of the best underwear packs for those on a budget.

The Best Underwear: A Brief Conclusion

When looking for the best underwear for work, it’s important that your underwear feels comfortable. Your underwear should also offer the capability to keep you dry no matter what the outside temperature is or how much you move around. Whether you prefer boxers or briefs, or just don’t care, choose your underwear with close attention to fit and the underwear’s ability to keep your private parts cool while you do your job.

Be free to experiment with different types of underwear. Try different materials, different designs, colored vs. non-colored underwear, and switch between boxers and briefs. Ultimately, the best underwear for work is what feels most comfortable to you.

While you’re shopping, you might also want to pick up a pair of the best work boots too.

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  2. I think brief is the best underwear to wear. I totally agree with your points that it should absorb sweat and odor and offer ease of wear throughout the day. I have purchased some of it from Daniel Alexander and pistol Pete. I prefer that underwear that provides support and comfort to the private parts and also looks good.


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